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My Story

16 years ago I began my journey into learning mediation and beginning to do the inner work on myself, which led me to find that all the love and connection I went through the first part of my life trying to find externally, was always within me - just waiting to be tapped in to. And there was nothing like it!


I started learning traditional styles of meditation, annually through monks in Asia and practicing at the London Buddhist Centre in between. But after a few years I admitted to myself that I'm not a monk, and sitting in silence felt forced and wasn't the best style for me. This encouraged me to find other ways to access the state of deep meditation I knew how to reach, in ways that didn't feel boring. 7 years ago I came across breathwork and this literally changed my life. I was able to separate myself from the limiting beliefs I held, and change the negative subconscious patterns I had, to be more positive. The impact this had on my life, is immeasurable. 

The methods I use in my work are the techniques I used to help myself heal, and I believe am here to share them to help others. Today, my joy, my love for myself and others comes from a bottomless well of inner connection, empathy and awareness.


I have trained in traditional pranayama with Yogalap, I am an advanced instructor, studying to become a Master with SOMA Breath, and I am a trained facilitator in OSHO Active Meditaitons, qualifying in Pune, India - where I am a continuing facilitator at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Achieving this was the biggest personal goal I had set for my career - now my focus is to help others with what I know. 


I am proud that I have helped people through group sessions and 1:1 private sessions, heal, find their confidence and own self love, raise their consciousness through breathwork, subconscious re-programming, embodiment meditations and coaching. I have worked with schools, hospitals, and businesses between the UK and India and really look forward to the many more wonderful people I will cross paths with due to the recognition of its power, as many return to the ancient healing practices of breathwork and meditation. 

I have listed some of the more niche groups below to give you an insight into my work. 

*Health issues, eg. Cancer, pre-op nerves, end of life, dementia. *Bereaved partners and children, including those affected by suicide. *Adults and youths with mental health and psychiatric conditions, including those sectioned in live-in facilities. * work in schools with somatic behaviour and mindset invention, anxiety management, including students with SEND needs, coping with exam pressure, and managing emotions.  *Working with business owners and entrepreneurs to get crystal clear on their offerings.  *Couples breathwork, to deepen connection and relationship harmony. *Assisting those going through relationship breakdown, including divorce. *Assisting Ayurvedic Nursing Colleges in India, with understanding physiological states of body coherence. *Assisting high level business people in India to find peace, balance and re-evaluate life priorities in India.  *Family breathwork to build connection, and assist parents with tangible tools to help their children. *Carers, to help process the emotions that are often needed to be held back while caring for a loved one. *Families of those effected by debilitating conditions, eg. Alzheimers and dementia, Motor Neurone Disease, etc. You don't have to do this alone.

I am open to working with any situation breathwork, mindfulness and meditation can help with - which realistically is 99% of issues. 


My Approach

My approach is that healing is not a race, and no one size fits all. While our need to feel better is often urgent, we must respect our body's pace, the practices we use, and your holistic harmony as a priority. The breath is a powerful tool, and so is the body and mind; as practitioners we must use this with care and attention, which is why I try my best to avoid highly activating techniques that put the body in a fear state. Also, there may be a variety of methods which should be sequenced specifically for the right effect, and so treatment approaches may need a combination of different methods, to help you achieve your desired outcomes - and this is why you seek the help of an expert. Coming from a background in meditation, this also influences my work, and I believe it's the secret sauce for everything. 


I am focused on using my knowledge and experience to enhance other's lived experiences, often changing the trajectory of their lives - helping them to heal, find more ease, connection, peace and  acceptance, to live healthier, more balanced lives and achieve their biggest, wildest dreams also. 

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