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The Temple of Bliss

Breathwork & Meditation

Holistic Wellness Services

Breathe to relax, to manage stress, to sleep better, to improve your health, to heal physically or emotionally, to tap into a deep source of creativity, to manifest, to feel energised, more confident and connected to yourself.


We do breathwork for how it feels and

who it makes us become. 


Book Your Spot

Want to work with Christine privately?
* For physical and emotional health issues, and pre-major surgery preparation
* For subconcious re-wiring and healing of old patterns

* Self confidence and self love building and healing
* Private bespoke Breathwork or meditation sessions 
* Family and group sessions
* Manifestation boosting sessions

* Mentoring to improve personal practice, or move towards and achieve those big dreams
* Team building, for personal or professional affairs

* Business workshops, bespoke sessions and HR wellness resources
* Breathwork parties - Breathe and Dance, for unique sober events to be celebrated better.
* Collaborations. 

Send me a message and let's see what is possible for you. 

**Prices start from £60+ /hour online         £80+/hour in person
Coaching sessions with breathwork set: 90 mins from £110 per session online (min. booking).


About Me

Hi, I'm Christine and I am a Soma Breath Advanced Instructor and a certified OSHO Meditations facilitator. I have been doing meditation for 15 years and breathwork for 6. I teach both these modalities and pranayama in both India and the UK. I have an annual position facilitating at the OSHO International Meditation Resort, in Pune, India - but spend most of my time in East London, UK. I'm always up for a bit of breathing - so let's do this!


"Christine is a fantastic breathwork guide.

At the time I began attending Christine's class I was experiencing a great deal of stress and trepidation knowing I was about to soon have a complex and very long surgical procedure. 

Christine is very sensitive to my needs both physically and emotionally, so she created a breathwork program adapted perfectly to my specification. 

Christine's classes are calming, effective and inspirational. After each session I am invigorated, energetic and filled with mental and emotional clarity. 

I highly recommend Christine's guidance."

Mary B., 58, Beginner breather: Health

"Christine has a really pure and calm energy, which you can feel in the meditation. Guiding comes naturally to her. Her choice of music is great and really supports the breathwork to become a fully sensory experience. I have been doing breathwork for 18 years and she is able to curate experiences and understand how they will unfold at my level of experience, which I'm constantly impressed with.

She's wonderful!"

Sarju B. 36, Experienced breather, Energy worker & Meditation teacher.

"It made me feel calm and peaceful and it made feel like I’m in the zone. 

My whole body switched off like I was asleep but I was awake. 

I would like do it again because it is fun and you can get all your anger, hate and frustration out of your body, and when it is out, it feels good and you would want to feel like that all the time - that’s why I think it is a good idea to do it again."

Yr 7 Student (12 years old) - after a somatic school session -Mindset and managing emotions. (Behaviour intervention)

Other Services

At the Temple of Bliss, we are passionate about nourishing ourselves as a form of devotion, be that for our physical bodies, or our soul needs. Holistic wellness and travel is how we nourish ourselves, outside of Breathwork and Meditation, so we are connecting you with our actual doctors in India, and offering options that can help you have expansive travel experiences also. 


In recent times, our access to decent healthcare in the UK has become extremely limited - this led us to seek full health check ups and more preventative health measures when in India. You can look after yourself in ways that make illness less likely - as well as also treat symptomatic issues through holistic wellness methods that draw on nature and our bodies natural ways. The doctors we connect you with are doctors that we have used ourselves and undergone treatments with. We whole-heartedly recommend them from our own personal experience, and will be there with you in any consultations with them, to ensure a seamless experience.  

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